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Callie Comes Home

Spotted her picture on the Happy Dog animal rescue website and knew that I needed to bring her home. Cold and drizzly all day, I got there and she was in a large pen with four other big dogs, all of them jumped on me except her. She attached herself to my hip and there she stayed, like she knew. Funny how love works that way, you just know. 
"Load up Callie, let's go for a ride!" and don't think she skipped a beat, she knew. 
She's been here for a whole four hours and I am so head over heels in love with her. I thought I needed to rescue her but really it was me who needed rescuing. 
Go figure.

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whitey said...

How fun! Kacy just got a dog also, when Brent was in the hospital they brought in a pet therapy dog and he went nuts.