lazy days

Of all the days of my life, I love the ones that belong completely to myself the most. The days with no time restrictions, no rules, nowhere to be - unless I want to be there. No pressures or people to please.
Sleep all day or run and run until I'm exhausted. Cook a big meal or eat a $1.00 frozen pizza and then drive into town for a euro-tart frozen yogurt in my pajamas and messy hair, if it pleases me.
Take picture after picture, or lay the camera aside and just live the movie of my life, hoping to retain things in my mind's memory bank.

Life is pretty mundane lately... go to work and wait for days off without much of any excitement or stuff going on in between. Happens every year around this time, no motivation and lack of words, hell, lack of thought for that matter. Just a lot of blah and bleh going on. But the good thing is, eventually that all subsides and better things come in to take their place. Autumn is a time of renewal for me, but it comes in it's own time, at it's own slow pace.

All moved in to this new phase of life, and a new house as well. CN is on the road for two weeks at a time and only here for a couple of days in between, so there is an abundance of time to work on making this a home. This is the beginning of our life together and when I'm really old and a lot more gray, I want to look back on this time with happiness in my heart. And maybe a little laughter at how we took a nothing place and turned it into our everything, at least until something better comes along for us.

Everyone is scurrying around, making things happen for the holidays. The kids will be 20 miles down the road, with their babies, in a week from now. I won't get to see them this time because I'll be working, but oh do I miss them so. But I am glad that they will be with family this year, taking turns with each of my parents. My daughter places much importance on keeping tradition and holding family close, and has her priorities so much straighter than I ever have. I adore her for that.

Coffee's done and breakfast is waiting to be cooked. Off to clean and pack a box or two, if I feel like it.


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life is sounding good...