so this is me

Sometimes the best gift of all that you can give another person is the hardest one you'll ever have to give, and that is to let go and let them fly. Birds don't belong in cages, neither do people.
When you finally find something or someone that stirs your soul and wakes something up inside of you that you didn't even know existed, you want to hang on to it with all of your might and not let go to save your life - but be careful how tightly you squeeze. Sometimes passion and love for another person can be all consuming and you can lose focus on any and everything else, for them it can be like a choking suffocation, sucking the very last breath right out of them. That love can be an unintentional lock on the birdcage of their heart.
Take a deep breath and just let go, assuring them, and yourself, that what you want for them, above all else, is their true happiness, whatever that means for them. If it is meant to be that they walk down the path of life beside you, trust that they will fly right back home when they are weary and the day is done.
Unconditional love means just that - no cages, no locks, just the freedom and respect to make ones own choices without fear...

So this is me
letting go
hoping for the best

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