Today I fully grasp the concept of being quiet and still. I wrap my mind around it like a vine on a pole and realize this is why I'm here, in this place at this time in my life - to finally get it.
Toast and coffee are savored as I read through the month of June in Romancing the Ordinary. A hummingbird flits and flutters around the tree that grows up through the porch, and I think that pictures would be nice, but I'm too content and lazy to go grab the camera.
I love the month of June, when mornings and evenings still carry a cool breeze as we bid hello and goodbye to another day. Summer is in full swing and my mood is light and happy most days. All year I wait impatiently for this time to come, when depression and anxiety are swept under the rug to make way for much more desired frames of mind.
So much better to find beauty in sunlight rather than darkness, although I am without a doubt capable of both.
Sunflowers shine their pretty faces at me to remind me that all is well, and once again I am grounded.

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Anonymous said...

It's not often that one gets to be quiet and still in its truest form. I'd say you're lucky... Peace is all that we need after all..