I knew the second I met him that I would fall and it would be hard
I couldn't have been more right about that, I fell, and it was hard.

That scar that runs down his entire cheek, a daily reminder of his past,
makes me want to run my finger across it and kiss his troubles all away.
Rarely a smile upon his face, but when it shows, it shows big and bright
and lights up my whole world. When he smiles he means it,
something I always appreciate in a person.
There's a young boy in the shell of a grown man - (big and burly, tattooed and temperamental), one who longs for love just as we all do, but too stubborn to break out and embrace it -
too proud for his own good, and many times his own worst enemy.
He tells me that I'm amazing when I need to hear it the most
and makes me laugh with comments like "you're cranky because you're so
beautiful you don't know what to do with yourself".


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