sick of it all
tripping on manholes
can't stop the fall
try try again
that's just a crock
tiny blue pills
where's the doc

not double jointed
but pulled in directions
hear my limbs breaking
mind full of infection
poison takes over
and starts to consume
can't take anymore
i retreat to a room
where no one can find me
or hear my lips screaming
see the tears flowing
invisible seeming...
wake me when the world stops turning
i need to step off to stop the burning


Ms. Moon said...

Girl. You gotta hang on and hang in. It'll get better. It always does.

tiffany said...

Thanks Ms. Moon, I really appreciate this comment, I know you go through a lot of the same things I do sometimes so it's nice to be reminded that it always gets better.
I will never stop hanging on but damn some days are tough aren't they?

DavBow1 said...

Baby, we all go through times like this. Sooner or later those high craggy mountains and deep dark canyons will become rolling hills and green valeys, and who needs flat and featureless terrain anyway? Hang in there, Ms. Moon is right! Love 'Ya

tiffany said...

Thanks Dad, and yep, you're right about Ms. Moon, she usually is correctomundo in her observations!

whitey said...

You got a great Dad Miss Tiffany! I think you have alot of great friends near and far to help you through the tuff times.

tiffany said...

I sure do Whitey, I'm definitely blessed!!