I swear if I read the words "New Year" one more time I'm going to scream and fall down on the floor in a mad hissy-fit. Don't get me wrong, I love the chance to turn over a new leaf and start fresh, I just hate reading the same words over and over again everywhere I turn.
You won't find any resolutions here, I just don't do them. Being reminded of how I failed at something later on down the road just doesn't appeal to me. at all. But here are a few things that I will do, with all certainty and without a doubt.
I will love and be loved in a way that I've never known before. Bottom line, it's simply my turn...
I will savor goodness in everything from the way just washed sheets feel on my tootsies to the very last drop of coffee in my big ol' mug. 
I will hang on tight to my favorite 6 year old in the whole world when he comes bursting into my room at 6 a.m. just to tell me he loves me. I know all too well that these moments don't last forever, as well as how abruptly they can be stolen from you.
I will stop and get those pictures, no matter where they are or what I'm doing. Those pictures that before I always wished I'd gotten but was too busy doing who the hell knows what.
I will write more, because even if no one else in the world thinks that I have anything interesting to say I just don't care anymore! ha!
See, no resolutions, no reasons to fail - only lots more of the things that I love and that fulfill me.
2009 was a year for discovering truths about what I thought my life was, and then waving away smoke and shattering mirrors.
2010 was the year of transition and learning to be alone, I mean truly alone. I was always surrounded by people I love, but I needed to learn how to think for myself again, and sleep alone at night.
This year will be my year of rediscovery and bringing myself back from the brink of self-loss, a year of planting my feet firmly on the ground and growing brand new roots. This time I will choose where I am planted, not someone else who doesn't have my best interest at heart. I will be good to myself and water the grass under my feet so that something beautiful comes to be, because I have learned that I am the only one who can do this, and that is completely fine by me.


Ms. Moon said...

And I will enjoy watching you and hearing about it.

tiffany said...

Thanks Ms. Moon, and definitely ditto!

whitey said...

I know what you mean about not taking the time to catch a picture, that happened to me the other day seen this big paint horse running around in a corral and I pulled over but there was so much snow on the road way that I would have caused a an inconvenience for somebody else passing by so I pulled away.... could kick myself . Sounds like you are still growing wiser and smarter beyond your years !