I have spent the last few weeks in some fine company and now it's time to come back down and tend to the mundane tasks of life, running errands and all that jazz. I'm hormonal and can't think clear enough to do anything without crying, have been that way for a week now, what the hell's with THAT? How can someone tough as nails be so weepy? Silly girl, get your head together for christ sake!
Coffee's so good this morning, haven't had any in what seems like forever, and here in a little while I will make myself that oatmeal I've been craving. It's really cold outside, something I expect for this time of year, but still cold none the less and hibernation always does it's best to seduce me back to bed when it's this cold. But not today, there are things to do and people to see and... well you know, some semblance of life to live.
Hoping your day is filled with those things that bring you comfort and happiness, be good to yourself and stay warm!

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whitey said...

hormones? can't live with em can't live without em!