Listening to Bono sing One on pandora, love that song and his voice, they make me want to sway the day away, eyes closed and arms lifted, letting my body move in any way it feels like.
There's frost on the ground this morning but the sun is shining brightly and I feel creative and happy and ready to take on the world. Happiness is not an emotion that graces my presence on a daily basis, so when it does I grab hold of it with all my might until it slips through my grasp and melancholy takes over again. I've learned to live with life that way, it's the hand I've been dealt and I try to make the best of it. Hell, no one's happy all the time, right?
Just started a new photo blog, and immediately after that one of my sweetest girlfriends shared a link to a photography project called 365 Words Through Photos, nice! I wasn't really going to share the new blog with the entire world, so as not to offend or upset certain people, but then I remembered that I am "completely unpretentious" and unapologetic. Which gives me permission to do as I please without fear of criticism. Oh criticism will always occur, I just don't fear it anymore.
Spend your day being good to yourself, go do things that make you happy!


Ms. Moon said...

I love the photo blog idea. Lovely images, the man, the plant. The light. Keep going for it!
I am glad you're happy today. I know those precious days. Sweet, shining miracles.

tiffany said...

Thanks Ms. Moon!
I think the man is particularly lovely myself LOL

Maggie May said...

burst of bright yellow is perfect for starting the day :)

whitey said...

criticism, I had someone come down on me for miss using a 's ! There are tuff critics out there in this world got to wonder why they feel the need to be that way.

tiffany said...

Sure is Maggie, hope you and lil bebe are doing well!!
Whitey, I don't know, some people are just anal that way. I'm super critical of myself but never with other people! Go on using those 's anyway you please, it's your life - do it your way.

chaoticfancy said...

I think that people who are unpretentious and unapologetic are the bravest and most sincere people.

tiffany said...

Maybe we will rule the world one day :-)