Oh how I long for summer... 
long walks in the country, dipping bare toes in the water, camping and hanging out by the fire at night, gathering with friends to chat on and on about everything and nothing at all. 
long tall glasses of sweet iced tea on the back porch, good food on the grill, 
kids running around everywhere hysterical with laughter.
those are the days I long for. 
last summer was spent in solitude, still wrapped in the invisible chains of transition and emotion, 
this year will be all mine to do with as I please, 
and I 


Ms. Moon said...

This will be a summer of lovely growth and blossoming for you.

tiffany said...

Amen Ms. Moon! Amen!

whitey said...

Now you got me longing for summer! I truly love how you write.

tiffany said...

Thanks Whitey, here's hoping summer comes soon!

chaoticfancy said...

feeling summer here already. awww...would love to take idle time and swing on this :D