While we've all been busy doing mundane every day things, Maggie and Mr. Curry have been busy growing a miracle, Ever Elizabeth. A more important job than making and growing a baby, there has never been one, not that I know of.
I've been reading Maggie's blog for a long time now, she had me at the very first word that I read and I haven't stopped since. Her words have a way of dancing around a person's soul, like a moth to a flame, and never have I not been affected in some way or another by what I've read, even if it's as simple as identifying in some way with what she has to say. So Maggie, many thanks go out to you for sharing that gift with us...
So many of us in the blogging world have been watching this little miracle of Ever unfold, created through the powerful love of two people who have truly loved each other since the beginning of time, through good times and bad, loss and happiness, bringing two families together and making it work, no. matter. what. Man, that's deep and something we should all be lucky enough to experience in a lifetime.
So while we all sit on the edge of our seats, waiting for Ever to make her entrance into this world, into a family who will infinitely adore her, there's a virtual baby shower going on!
Now we all know that things aren't easy these days, but out of negative ALWAYS comes something positive (I'm a firm believer in that), and I feel that we've all been forced to get back to basics, to a simpler time when we could turn to each other to help out where there might be a need. A very good thing, in my book.
Won't you head on over and at the very least leave a message for Maggie and her family, and maybe even donate if you feel compelled to do so? Oh, and while you're there, read a word or two, you won't be disappointed, I promise!
Here are the links to the hostess' blogs, each have a paypal button in their sidebars for a maternity leave fund.

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