A room with a different view...

Settling into another room with a different view, all wrapped up in a girly-girl comforter and sunshine yellow sheets made by Seventeen. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the ruffles and softness, and I slept better than I've slept in a long long time.
Living in the country, breathing in fresh air and showering my face with sunshine, laundry on the line and the faint sound of a radio somewhere playing Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman and it makes me smile. Does it really get any better than this?
After growing up, for the most part, in a small town of 3000 people (there was one high school for three  towns) and then moving to the city when I was 20, I always said that I would never live in the country again -given the choice, until I was old and ready to settle down. Guess I'm old and ready now, can't imagine why anyone in their right mind wouldn't choose peace and quiet over rush and noise. In the city you can't hear yourself think, nor can you breath because of the smog, and people are constantly running into you with no apology on the crowded roads and sidewalks. But not here, not in the country. There's no rush to get anywhere fast, all of those things on the to-do list will still be there tomorrow, we get there when we get there.
This morning I sat on that girly-girl comforter and stared out the window for the longest time, thinking of everything and nothing at all. Thinking of how far things have come since last November when my marriage fell apart. Most of you who know me would probably say that it fell apart way before that, but that's when it officially became a reality and that I would soon be forced to walk away from almost everything I loved and had worked incredibly hard for.
I went from looking out my own bedroom window to this one, and many others in between, giving me different views of the world outside, a world that's tough on a soul at times, easy at others.
Life is gradually moving in a much better direction, it took a little longer to get here than I would have liked, with me going a little crazy here and there, but here I am regardless. Last November all I wanted to know was where I'd be in one year, and as that year draws closer with every passing day I can see that although I don't know exactly where I'm going, wherever I end up will find me stronger and more indpendent than ever before. Hoo-ha!
I am woman, watch me do the happy dance like it's no one's business and shake it like I just don't care! 

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